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Order Foxtrail vouchers

Give the gift of a shared experience and spend time with your loved ones. Or surprise your friends or work colleagues with an exciting Foxtrail experience. With a Foxtrail event you give the gift of fun, exercise and lasting memories together!

The Foxtrail vouchers can be redeemed on over 70 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland and are available in different versions depending on requirements.

It’s so easy to order your voucher:

  1. Select your preferred voucher variant
  2. Enter the desired number of tickets (Standard Ticket / Reduced Ticket)
  3. Pay for the voucher online
  4. You will receive your voucher by post within 2-4 working days (with Print-at-Home you will receive the download link with the order confirmation immediately)

The voucher includes a Foxtrail with the standard ticket of CHF 32 for people aged 16 and over and the reduced ticket of CHF 16 for people aged 6 and over. If a more expensive Foxtrail option is chosen when redeeming, the remaining amount will be paid online at the time of booking.

The vouchers are transferable, can be credited with their ticket value on all Foxtrails in Switzerland and are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

FAQ Vouchers


You will receive a PDF via download link directly after your order, on which the voucher code and the included tickets are printed. You can give this as a printed or electronic gift.

Foxtrail gift envelope

You will receive the gift envelope with the voucher card inserted within 1-2 working days by post for a postage and packaging charge. The envelope comes with a neutral envelope and is ready to give as a gift.

Foxtrail puzzle box

The Foxtrail puzzle box is tricky to open and contains a voucher card. The box is made of wood and will be sent to you by post within 1-2 working days for a postage and packaging charge. The box is not further packaged and has Foxtrail branding on either the top or bottom of the box. You can give the box as a gift straight away or wrap it up further.

Foxtrail ticket vouchers are valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

A Foxtrail Ticket Voucher can be redeemed for the required tickets each time you book a Foxtrail. The ticket value of the voucher will be credited to the shopping cart. If a remaining amount is left in the shopping cart, for example because more participants are booked, the remaining amount can simply be paid online.

All vouchers can now be redeemed on all Foxtrails throughout Switzerland.

A Foxtrail voucher can only be redeemed for the required Foxtrail tickets when booking a Foxtrail, as it is a product voucher.

We send the gift vouchers and puzzle boxes via Swiss Post. Delivery usually takes place within 1-2 working days. Orders placed at the weekend will not be dispatched by Swiss Post until the next working day.

With the print@home option, you will receive the voucher via a link immediately after checking out the shopping cart. You will also receive an email with a link to access and download the voucher. As the voucher is generated online when the link is called up, it may take a few seconds for the voucher to be displayed.

If you have an “old” voucher with the area specified or public transport tickets enclosed, you can redeem the printed voucher code in our ticket store when booking your desired Foxtrail – regardless of the area in which it is located.

The original ticket value of the voucher may not be sufficient for the selected Foxtrail. In this case, you can pay the remaining amount online or choose a Foxtrail that has a cheaper ticket price.

If you wish, we would be pleased if you could return the unused public transport tickets by post to: Foxtrail Schweiz GmbH, Tribschenstrasse 78, 6005 Lucerne.

Unfortunately, we cannot take back any vouchers issued and we cannot make any refunds. Remaining amounts on vouchers expire on the voucher’s expiry date.

Yes, the Foxtrail vouchers are not issued in your name and are therefore freely transferable.