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13 fun facts about St. Gallen that you definitely didn’t know yet!

Did you know that St. Gallen is not only known for FC St. Gallen and the Olma? The city on Lake Constance hides many other secrets and exciting stories waiting to be discovered.

In this blog post, we reveal 13 fun facts about St. Gallen that you probably didn’t know yet. Join us on a journey through the city and be enchanted by its hidden treasures and unique atmosphere.

Are you ready for an exciting journey of discovery? Then read on and immerse yourself in the world of St. Gallen!

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Fun facts about St. Gallen that you didn’t know yet!

1. the city of stairs

Due to its topography, St. Gallen is also known as the “city of a thousand stairs”. Both the Freudenberg and the Rosenberg invite you to take a walk with their numerous steps.

2. the OLMA

The OLMA Swiss Fair for Agriculture and Food is an agricultural fair that has been held in St. Gallen every year since 1943.

3. the city of Gallus

The name of the town goes back to the wandering monk Gallus, who founded a hermitage in the 7th century.

4. ghost railway under the town

A disused railway tunnel runs under the town of St. Gallen. The tunnel is six metres underground, and inside there are rusty transport carriages reminiscent of times gone by.

5th Abbey Library of St. Gallen

The library of the Ab bey of St. Gallen houses an impressive collection of books, manuscripts and historical documents and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. the Ganggelibrugg

The Haggenbrücke is called the “Ganggelibrugg” by the people of St. Gallen. It is actually called Haggenbrücke or officially Eisensteg Zweibruggen. “Ganggelibrugg” comes from “ganggelen”, to sway, as the bridge swayed under the weight of the visitors during the opening ceremony.

7. textile industry

St. Gallen was once a centre of the textile industry, and the city is still famous today for its embroidery and lace.

8th metropolis of Eastern Switzerland

St. Gallen is considered the metropolis of Eastern Switzerland and is an important economic and cultural centre.

9th Three Weieren

To the south of the Old Town are the Drei Weieren, artificial ponds that are ideal for swimming in summer.

10. the St. Gallen football club

St. Gallen Football Club is the oldest football club still in existence in Switzerland and even continental Europe. It was founded on 19 April 1879 and is the pride and joy of the people of St. Gallen.

11 The St. Gallen coat of arms

The eight bars in the bundle, of which only five are visible, symbolise the current eight constituencies of the Canton of St. Gallen, the former districts. The ribbons symbolise cohesion and the axe symbolises strength.

12th university town

St. Gallen is known for its renowned university, the HSG. The HSG is one of the leading business universities in Europe and attracts students from all over the world.

13. location and nature

The city of St. Gallen is picturesquely nestled between the hills of the Alpstein and the Säntis and offers a breathtaking backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing and mountain biking.

About St. Gallen

Foxtrail Columban St Gallen Altstadt Schnitzeljagd

St. Gallen is a city in eastern Switzerland, located on the shores of Lake Constance. The city is known for its beautiful old town, the St. Gallen Abbey Library and the textile industry. St. Gallen is also a popular tourist destination due to its location on Lake Constance and the many leisure opportunities in the surrounding area.


St. Gallen lies on the north-eastern shore of Lake Constance, in a basin between the Freudenberg and Rosenberg mountains. The town is surrounded by hills, giving it a picturesque backdrop.


St. Gallen was founded in the 7th century around the hermitage of the wandering monk Gallus. In the Middle Ages, the city developed into an important trading centre and was a member of the Swiss Confederation, a confederation of Swiss cantons founded in the 13th century.


St. Gallen has a rich culture and history. The city is home to many museums, theatres and galleries. St. Gallen is also known for its music festivals, including the Open Air St. Gallen.

Places of interest:

  • Abbey Library of St. Gallen: The library of the Abbey of St. Gallen houses an impressive collection of books, manuscripts and historical documents and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Old Town: With its medieval alleyways and squares, the Old Town of St. Gallen is a popular destination for tourists.
  • St. Gallen Cathedral: St. Gallen Cathedral is a baroque structure built in the 18th century.
  • St. Gallen Art Museum: The St. Gallen Art Museum houses a collection of artworks from the Middle Ages to the present day.
  • St. Gallen Textile Museum: The St. Gallen Textile Museum shows the history of the textile industry in St. Gallen.


  • Hiking: There are many beautiful hiking trails in the area around St. Gallen.
  • Cycling: St. Gallen is a paradise for cyclists. There are many cycle paths in and around the city.
  • Boating : There are many boats on Lake Constance that offer beautiful round trips.
  • Museums: St. Gallen is home to many museums, including the St. Gallen Textile Museum and the St. Gallen Art Museum.
  • Shopping : There are many shops, boutiques and shopping centres in St. Gallen.
  • Restaurants: There are many restaurants in St. Gallen offering a wide range of dishes.

St. Gallen is a city that has a lot to offer.

Bonus tip: Discover St. Gallen with Foxtrail

Foxtrail Columban St Gallen Raetsel Team

Foxtrail is a unique and interactive scavenger hunt that offers visitors an innovative way to discover St. Gallen and its sights. In this adventure, participants are guided through the city in teams, solving puzzles and deciphering clues to find the next location on their way. This experience is designed to not only encourage physical movement through the city, but also to challenge teamwork and logical thinking.

This is how Foxtrail works in St. Gallen:

Starting point: Each Foxtrail begins at a designated starting point, where teams receive their documents and initial clues. This marks the beginning of their adventure through St. Gallen.

Solve puzzles: Participants have to solve various puzzles that lead them to hidden messages, unusual places and impressive sights in St. Gallen. The puzzles are designed to encourage participants to take a closer look at the surroundings and engage with the city’s history and culture.

Team experience: Although Foxtrail can be experienced with family, friends or as a team-building activity with colleagues, the focus is on the shared experience. The tasks require communication and co-operation, which makes the whole thing a social experience.

Advantages of Foxtrail in St. Gallen:

  • Playful discovery of the city: by taking part in a Foxtrail in St. Gallen, visitors get the opportunity to explore the city in a playful way. They not only discover the well-known sights, but also hidden corners and special places that are off the beaten track.
  • Learning through fun: At the same time, they learn interesting facts about St. Gallen and its history, making the experience both educational and entertaining.
  • Perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun: Foxtrail thus offers a perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun, ideal for anyone who wants to discover St. Gallen in a unique and interactive way.


Foxtrail is an innovative and fun way to discover St. Gallen. It is a perfect activity for groups, families and individuals who enjoy puzzles, adventure and teamwork.

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