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FAQs - Foxtrail as a team event

Foxtrail as a team event for groups of 25 people or more


Foxtrail is an outdoor adventure with over 60 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland. Participants follow the trail of our fox using tracks, clues and riddles. The game is played on foot, at your own pace and sometimes public transport is used, the cost of which is included in the Foxtrail ticket.

The trail consists of tricky tasks, secret messages and hidden tracks that have to be solved and followed in order to get to the next post.

You will discover some well-known sights as well as lesser-known alleyways and squares. We endeavor to plan our routes in such a way that they are as exciting and varied as possible for locals who already know their city well, as well as for participants from out of town.

Foxtrail is an ideal event for friends or a company, corporate or family outing.

Foxtrail should be exciting and amazing, offer variety and be fun. Each trail is unique and the posts are always different. From the funny post board placed on/under an interesting building to playful facilities or technical uniques, everything is there – plenty of variety is provided.

Foxtrail can be carried out without any problems in any weather. In any case, you should be equipped with weather-appropriate clothing and good, comfortable shoes.

The physical demands are roughly similar on all Foxtrails, and the duration of the trail is usually 2.5 to 4 hours. Participants should be able to cover a distance of up to 4 kilometers without any health problems.

In addition, the actual challenge is more of a mental nature, as you need brains and teamwork to solve the next item. Whereby our cunning fox sometimes formulated the clues ambiguously or thought around the corner.

In general, you don’t need any local knowledge to play the Foxtrail.

We recommend Foxtrail for children from about 10-12 years of age, depending on how keen on puzzles and independent the children are. The puzzles are primarily designed for older children, teenagers and adults. Of course, younger children can also join us on the trail.

Groups from 25 people:

Numerous national and international companies have already used Foxtrail as a conclusion of workshops and seminars as well as a corporate event. The participants have the optimal opportunity to be outdoors in different teams and have fun as a contrast to the mostly top-heavy seminar program. Our Customer Service is available to help with any questions regarding the planning of Foxtrail and social programs.

Groups of 25 or more people fill out the form for a free quote on our website or via the link

For the organization of your company event, we will work with you to determine how many people will play together per team, which game languages are required, which Foxtrails will be played in parallel, whether a starting escort is required, how the timetable will be structured and other details that need to be taken into account to make your team event a complete success.

We require a lead time of around 5 working days, which is why you should submit your request at least 1 week before your team event. But the earlier the better, not that all start times are fully booked on your desired date.

At least 8 days before your start date. This gives us enough time to prepare the tickets and starting documents and send them by mail.

Foxtrail takes care of the booking for your company event for 25 people or more. Payment is made by invoice, which will be sent to your company address by post together with the game documents.

The division into teams can be formed by the participants as they wish. For Foxtrail as a corporate event, we recommend forming teams randomly. This promotes team building and getting to know each other better outside the company, teaches people to pull together and brings nationalities together in international companies. It is also possible to book a start escort as an add-on, who will personally welcome you on site and do the group division. This saves you a lot of time and you can come to the event completely relaxed.

Our Customer Service will book the appropriate trails at the desired start times. If these are already occupied by other participants, an alternative solution will be sought. In the starting documents the respective binding starting times and all important information are noted.

This is relatively difficult to predict. Each team develops its own pace and dynamics. The weather can also have an influence. When the weather is nice, it is quite common for a team to take a break at a sidewalk café. Teams can set themselves a certain time frame.

One gathers with enough advance at the given starting place. Each team scans its own QR code and registers at the booked start time. With the registration for the trail the teams receive the hint where to find the corresponding first post.

All trails start at a clearly defined starting point, often at the train station of the village or in front of the respective tourist office (is clearly noted on the starting documents or the website). Larger groups are advised to choose a quiet place and allow enough time. There is no designated Foxtrail start location.

All documents are sent by mail on time. Be sure to bring the confirmations, starting documents, Foxtrail tickets, key fobs and one cell phone per team to the event. In the winter months, one flashlight per team is helpful for later start times.

The reservation, booking or organization of groups of 19 people or more is more complex. A phone call or a quote request via the Foxtrail website is all it takes for us to take over the organization of the event, including sending the starting documents, tickets and invoice directly to the customer’s address. In addition, large groups of 19 or more participants benefit from comprehensive advice and the opportunity to take advantage of trail combinations, start escorts or other variations that are not available to self-bookers.