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FAQs - Foxtrail as a private event

Foxtrail as a private event for groups of up to 25 people


Foxtrail is an outdoor adventure with over 60 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland. Participants follow the trail of our fox using tracks, clues and riddles. The game is played on foot, at your own pace and sometimes public transport is used, the cost of which is included in the Foxtrail ticket.

The trail consists of tricky tasks, secret messages and hidden tracks that have to be solved and followed in order to get to the next post.

You will discover some well-known sights as well as lesser-known alleyways and squares. We endeavor to plan our routes in such a way that they are as exciting and varied as possible for locals who already know their city well, as well as for participants from out of town.

Foxtrail is an ideal event for friends or a company, corporate or family outing.

You start independently at the starting point of the respective Foxtrail and in teams of 2-8 people. Equipped with starting documents, pen, tickets and a cell phone, you set off in search of clues. Teamwork is required when it comes to solving the tricky clues and finding next posts.

Foxtrail is exciting and amazing, offers variety and is fun. Each trail is unique and the posts are always different. From the funny post board, which is placed on or under an interesting building, to playful installations or unique technical items – there is plenty of variety.

Each team of a booking needs the printed starting documents, a pen and a charged smartphone with internet connection. For later start times, a flashlight per team can be helpful and it does not hurt to take some food with you, depending on the duration of the Foxtrail. You can find the duration of the game listed online on the Foxtrail detail page.

One team leader per team will be determined by the participants at check-in, whereby the name and date of birth must match the identity card (ID) or passport, due to possible controls.

Foxtrail is an outdoor experience. You should therefore choose your clothing to suit the weather and wear comfortable shoes that you can walk a few kilometers in.

In general, Foxtrails can be carried out in all weathers except in the case of severe weather warnings and the like.

The physical demands are roughly similar on all Foxtrails, and the duration of the trail is usually 2.5 to 4 hours. Participants should be able to cover a distance of up to 4 kilometers without any health problems.

In addition, the actual challenge is more of a mental nature, as you need brains and teamwork to solve the next item. Whereby our cunning fox sometimes formulated the clues ambiguously or thought around the corner.

In general, you don’t need any local knowledge to play the Foxtrail.

We recommend Foxtrail for children from the age of 10 to 12, depending on how good they are at solving puzzles and walking. Our Foxtrail puzzles are primarily designed for people aged 16 and over. Of course, younger children can also join us on the trail.

Many trails cover rough terrain with inclines and stairs, so Foxtrail is not suitable for wheelchairs. But there are exceptions: The trail “Zeus wheelchair accessible” in Lucerne, the “Zurich main station wheelchair accessible”, the trail “Castello” in Thun and Foxtrail “Anda” in the Lenzerheide area (natural trail) are wheelchair accessible.

Due to inclines and stairs, the Foxtrails are generally not suitable for baby carriages.

But there are exceptions: The trail “Zeus wheelchair accessible” in Lucerne, the “Zurich main station wheelchair accessible”, the trail “Castello” in Thun and Foxtrail “Anda” in the Lenzerheide area (natural trail) are all suitable for strollers.

Yes, dogs are allowed on most Foxtrails. Dogs are not allowed on the Foxtrails in Hallwyl, Lenzburg, Vindonissa and Wildegg. Please note that there may be posts located in buildings where dogs are not allowed. In these cases, dogs would have to wait outside.

As some Foxtrails require the use of public transport and from 2024 dogs will no longer be included in the public transport ticket, you will have to buy a corresponding dog ticket on site at the stops for transportation if you do not have a dog pass.

You will find the Foxtrail ticket in your starting documents. The starting point is listed there, where you can find yourself. You can also find the starting point of each Foxtrail in the online description of the Foxtrail on our homepage.

At the booked start time, which you will also find on the ticket in the start documents, you scan the QR code on the Foxtrail ticket with a smartphone in the “Check-In” area on the right. This will take you to the Foxtrail Cockpit and the 1st post.

Our Foxtrails usually start at train stations or larger squares, whereby the exact starting point is determined by the participants themselves and is irrelevant for check-in. If there is a local meeting point, this is a good starting point.

The Foxtrail ends at the final post with the traditional final photo. The booked experience ends with the check-out in the Foxtrail web app and we will send you your final photo by email after check-out.

On most Foxtrails, the final post is a short distance from the starting point and can be found in the description of the Foxtrail when booking online.

Foxtrail as a private event for groups of up to 25 people

For groups of up to 24 people, you can book your Foxtrail directly on our website All our Foxtrails are described online and show you the possible start times for the next 12 months. All free start times – even on the same day – can be booked directly.

No. The start times are exclusively blocked as soon as the booking has been paid for online.

You can also pay for your Foxtrail private event for up to 25 people online when booking. We accept the payment provider Twint, the major credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express, debit cards (formerly Maestro) or bank cards from Postfinance, Visa and Mastercard, as well as Postfinance e-finance and Foxtrail vouchers.

After your booking you will receive your personal access to your “My Account” area by email. You can use the button in the email to access all the important information about your booking, change the number of players, the start time and date or cancel your booking.

If you have not received an email after 10 minutes, it is possible that you have inadvertently entered your email address incorrectly. Please contact our customer service with your order number, which will be displayed after online payment.

In your “My-Account” you can call up your starting documents 5 days before the start date, which you must print out and bring with you to the start time.

You can print out the documents in your booked language or, if the Foxtrail can be played in other languages, in another available language.

In your “My-Account” you will find your purchase receipt and invoice for your booking. If you need the receipts in another language, you can change the language of the website at the top right and the receipt and invoice will be prepared in the selected language.

After your online booking, you can edit it conveniently in “My Account”. Please take note of our general terms and conditions.

Foxtrail is not a public transport service. Foxtrail is developed, operated and maintained by the company Foxtrail Schweiz GmbH. Our partners and suppliers are paid a fee for direct chargeable services. Season tickets or discounts from SBB, transport associations or transport companies can therefore not be taken into account.

Yes. People under the age of 6 play for free and from the age of 6 to 15 we grant a discount of 50% and participation costs only half the regular ticket price.

In addition to this 50% discount, you will receive a further 30% discount for all 6 to 15-year-old participants in your booking if you book for at least 2 people aged 16 and over and 2 people aged between 6 and 15. This discount applies exclusively to private events.

You can cancel your booking in the My Account area for a cancellation fee of CHF 25 up to 7 days before the start date. After cancellation, the remaining amount of your booking will be refunded to the payment method you used to pay for the booking online. This results in costs for us, which is why we unfortunately have to charge a cancellation fee.

Yes, you can move your booked start time in the My Account area, provided there are still free start times available on the booked day.

Did you miss your start time? You can then postpone or change your booking until the end of the start day, provided no team has checked in. Rebooking fees will be charged for postponements to another day.

Yes, you can change your booking to another day in the My Account area. Rebooking is free of charge up to 24 hours before the start date. After that we charge a rebooking fee of CHF 20. You can also change your booking on the day you have booked if no team has checked in yet.

After booking, you can adjust the number of participants and team allocation online in the My Account area.

The number of participants can be increased at any time, even after the start date, if people are added at short notice. Payment for the additional participants is also made during the adjustment.

The number of participants can be reduced free of charge online in the My Account area up to 24 hours before the start date. After that, the number of participants can no longer be reduced. The refund will be credited to the payment method you used to pay for your booking online. If you have redeemed a voucher, the amount will be credited back to the voucher.

Questions about team division and number of people

Yes, you can book a Foxtail private event for up to 24 people directly online. Depending on the size of the group, you will be divided into 1 to 3 teams so that the game experience remains high quality for everyone, even in groups with many participants.

In our online team configurator, you are offered 1 to 3 teams with their own start times, depending on how many people are taking part in your private event. The following classifications are possible:

  • 2-5 participants always play together in 1 team
  • 6-8 participants play in either 1 or 2 teams
  • 9-11 participants always play divided into 2 teams
  • 12-16 participants play divided into either 2 or 3 teams
  • 17 and more participants always play compulsorily divided into 3 teams

Our pre-set group divisions have proven themselves in our 20 years of experience with group events and offer an optimum between game experience for each participant and group interaction.

For bookings with several teams, you can either play the same Foxtrail one after the other and start one after the other or start different Foxtrails at the same time.

If you play 1 Foxtrail with several teams in a row, you can use the start times as published online. The start times are usually 15 minutes apart. We recommend this option if you all want to experience the same posts and discuss them after the Foxtrail.

If you are playing several Foxtrails, book one Foxtrail per team, preferably starting at the same starting point and ending at the same destination. You can see both online in the description on the detail page of the selected Foxtrail. If there are several trails, the duration of the game should also be taken into account so that all teams arrive at the destination at the same time if possible.

Your final photo will be sent to you by email after check-out in the Foxtrail web app. Delivery is made to the email address that was specified as the team leader during check-in in the web app.

The person who has booked online can also access the final photos of the individual teams in the “My Account” area.