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Discover over 70 trails throughout Switzerland!

Foxtrail with the family

Looking for an exciting leisure activity with the family? Foxtrail ensures a varied experience! Set off on the trail together, crack secret clues and get to know a place in a new way.

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Spend valuable time together with Foxtrail

It has never been so easy to experience something together! The surprising mix of sightseeing, outdoor escape room and scavenger hunt will delight every member of the family.

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Foxtrail brings fun and adventure

A Foxtrail is an exciting activity that will delight family members of all ages. It offers adventure and excitement for young and old.

You celebrate joint successes at Foxtrail

Solving the puzzles and involving all group participants during the Foxtrail leads to a shared sense of achievement. Celebrating these successes strengthens the family feeling and will remain a lasting memory.

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Foxtrail unleashes all the senses

By using all your senses, young and old develop together and learn to act and communicate outside their familiar environment.

Foxtrail creates lasting memories

The experiences during your puzzle tour can be treasured and shared for years to come. Years later, grandchildren still hear stories from the past: “Do you remember when…!”


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