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Foxtrail as a class reunion

A Foxtrail as a supporting program for a class reunion aims to create an interactive experience that brings former classmates together, awakens shared memories and entertains the whole group.


Foxtrail offers room for nostalgia

During a class reunion, you want to be entertained and relive memories of times gone by. In addition to fun and games, the unique nature of Foxtrail also provides plenty of opportunities for conversation and anecdotes from the past.


Foxtrail promotes the communal experience

Are you looking for an activity for your former classmates and yourself that promotes a sense of community and avoids awkward breaks? Foxtrail makes this easy and effortless!

Foxtrail involves everyone

The Foxtrail requires cooperation and offers everyone the opportunity to get involved – the perfect idea for an entertaining event with former classmates. And maybe you’ll be surprised when the then shy classmate suddenly takes the lead?


Foxtrail brings fun and entertainment

A Foxtrail is the fun activity that will get everyone excited and provide lots of laughs.


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