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Children's birthday party with Foxtrail

Foxtrail offers an exciting, interactive and entertaining activity for a children’s birthday party. It not only promotes children’s physical and cognitive development, but also creates a cheerful and festive atmosphere for the special occasion.

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Foxtrail offers adventure and excitement

Children love adventure! A Foxtrail offers an exciting experience full of puzzles, clues and challenges that arouse children’s curiosity.


Every child is actively involved in Foxtrail

A Foxtrail requires active participation and encourages children to be physically active as they solve puzzles and complete the route. This helps to exhaust the children’s energy during the birthday party so that everyone is perfectly happy and tired at the end.

Foxtrail provides the festive setting

A Foxtrail turns a birthday into an unforgettable and festive event. It adds a special touch to the day and offers a unique experience that the birthday boy or girl and their friends will remember for a long time to come.

We recommend Foxtrails for children aged 10-12 and up, depending on how keen they are on puzzles. In any case, enough adults should be present so that the children have fun and everyone can be involved.


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