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Foxtrail Incentives

Company incentives aim to reward, motivate and inspire employees, customers or external participants.

Jurapark Aargau 2

Foxtrail conveys exclusivity and uniqueness

Incentives should be something special – the Foxtrails are unique, high-quality leisure products that create a lasting experience. It stands out from ordinary events or vouchers and conveys a feeling of exclusivity and uniqueness.


Foxtrail motivates and recognizes outstanding achievements

An incentive should serve as recognition for good performance and inspire employees, customers or other participants to continue to give their best.

Foxtrail offers experience and adventure

An incentive can offer experiences that are not normally part of everyday working life. These can be adventure activities or special events that offer participants a unique experience. Foxtrail is THE way to spend your free time and offers entertainment and fun – boredom is out of the question!

Choose a product for your company event

We offer you the following products to organize your company event


Plan and book yourself!
  • Uncomplicated and fast online to
    Book 24 persons
  • Prices depending on trail category
  • Convenient online payment with VISA, Mastercard or TWINT
  • Organize groups yourself
  • Print out documents yourself
  • Choose from over 60 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland


All-round carefree package
  • Product & event consulting by Foxtrail event team
  • Trail modifications: Shortened routes (1.5 - 2.5 hours), special routes or individual start interval
  • Team allocation and booking of start times by Foxtrail
  • Assign your own team names
  • Payment on account
  • Fair organization fee