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Unknown Places

Discover new places and hidden locations

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Surprising riddles

Solve tricky puzzles and unique installations

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Great team experience

Spend time together and have fun!

What is Foxtrail?

Foxtrail is the surprising mixture of sightseeing, outdoor escape room and scavenger hunt! A recreational experience for everyone !
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Friends and family

Had enough of drinking coffee together? Foxtrail is the ideal activity to spend time together that you won’t soon forget.

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Companies, clubs and team building

Strengthen the team spirit in a special way! With Foxtrail you will experience a fun and entertaining group excursion.

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School classes

Tricky brainteasers, exciting locations and exercise make the perfect mix for a successful school trip.

Discover Switzerland

The interactive map shows you in which Swiss cities you can experience the surprising Foxtrails.

The map shows you in which Swiss cities you can experience the surprising Foxtrails.

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Customer reviews

Franz Mazenauer
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Lenzburg is an interesting city and as a highlight the one to the castle with the great tasks in the castle and in the castle prison!
Anita Zimmermann
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Always an experience: see a city through different eyes, activate the grey butt cells, move and collect exciting impressions. Each Foxtrail is unique and is lots of fun! You can feel the joy and inventiveness of the team that is building the trails.
Oliver Passaglia
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The fox led us through exciting, sometimes tricky tasks to beautiful places in Zurich. I am curious about the other trails...
Danielle Friedli
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Great Foxtrail, but quite tricky! For smaller children sometimes too difficult. But 12-year-old ones are definitely able to succeed. Very, very cool ideas with the radar system and the electric boxes! Super well done, bravo!
Nadia Bischof
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Was very exciting and varied. We never got bored. The puzzles are not too demanding, just perfect. The route is also totally exciting, but not suitable for someone who is not so good on foot.
David Hablützel
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Today we did one of the best Foxtrails we have ever done. Exciting, not too long, everything worked out perfectly, fun and enjoyable - score 10 out of 10.
Logan Wolverine
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A big compliment to the creators. Once again a top trail. We had an absolutely fun and entertaining afternoon. Especially because the weather did not want to play along. A large part of it took place indoors. This was our 9th Foxtrail and we will be back again.
Juerg Hossli
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Interesting and exciting tour through the city center. Entertaining and tricky even for people who know the place.
Be Lu
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Foxtrail is exciting, entertaining and invites you to move. We are always happy when we start a new adventure. Our favorite was and is in the Jura. But all the others, Zurich, Winterthur, Lausanne, Baden, Lucerne, Basel, Kreuzlingen and also Berlin have been great fun for us.

News from Foxtrail

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What makes a strong team?

Introduction A strong team is essential for success, whether in a well-rehearsed orchestra or in exciting team-building activities such as Foxtrail. In both scenarios, harmony

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Choose & book your Foxtrail directly online now.