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Discover over 70 trails throughout Switzerland!

Foxtrail – The origin

What started as a simple entertainment idea for a family outing has grown into a successful and well-known leisure experience. Today, around 160,000 people follow the trail of the fox every year. Since the first Foxtrails on Lake Thun 20 years ago, various regions have been added – today the trail of the fox can be followed on over 70 trails throughout Switzerland and even abroad.


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Foxtrail Schweiz GmbH
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With six new openings in Switzerland and the first trail in Liechtenstein, the offer for adventure seekers is being further expanded. In addition, our new website and the switch to digital tickets will make the experience even more flexible and easier. At the end of the year, Foxtrail and Explorial launch a crowdfunding campaign that brings in 347 investors.

Foxtrail Switzerland celebrates its 20th anniversary! This popular corporate and recreational activity now has around 50 employees who ensure that our participants enjoy an unforgettable outdoor recreational experience every day.
But there has also been encouraging progress abroad. Foxtrail Canada launches the first two Foxtrails in Vancouver. And also Foxtrail Portugal starts with two Foxtrails in Porto.

We used the Corona break to develop new trails in Zurich, Basel, Rapperswil, Kloten, Kreuzlingen, Emmental and Entlebuch as well as Wildhaus. Foxtrail Germany is also opening new Foxtrails in the neighboring country, in the cities of Erlangen and Ingolstadt in Bavaria.

Central Switzerland receives the Foxtrails in Weggis-Vitznau and in Klewenalp. And Valais is finally enjoying its own Foxtrails in Saas-Fee and Zinal. Unfortunately, the Corona crisis puts a spanner in Foxtrail’s works. We were forced to completely shut down our operations for many weeks.

In cooperation with the tourist destination Davos, the trail of the fox can once again be followed. Foreign countries will also be further expanded: the Foxtrails in Rome and Paris will be added. Foxtrail now employs more than 40 people.

The Open Air Museum Ballenberg gets a Foxtrail and with Berlin and Nuremberg new Foxtrails are launched beyond the Swiss border.

Opening of the first Foxtrail in Lenzerheide and in Winterthur and we try our hand for the first time with an “indoor” Foxtrail in Zurich’s main station. And last but not least and thanks to a foreign partner, the first Foxtrail could be opened abroad, more precisely in Helsinki!

Jura puts another Foxtrail on the map.

The first Foxtrail in Ticino opens in Lugano.

The leap across the Röstigraben is accomplished and with Lausanne Foxtrail becomes practically Olympic.

A cooperation with Museum Aargau leads to the trilogy of Foxtrails in the castles of the canton of Aargau. Foxtrail cracks the 100,000 participant mark. We are thrilled!

Foxtrail celebrates its 10th anniversary and already has more than 30 employees.

Bern had to wait a long time for a Foxtrail. Since this year, the Federal City is also one of the Foxtrail attractions.

In Basel, for the first time, a closing post with the recording of final pictures of the participants will be used. The technology is costly and significant a big investment for the small team.

Basel is added as a new city. We can hire the first employees on a permanent basis.

Foxtrail grows: the cities of Lucerne and St. Gallen join, making German-speaking Switzerland diagonally accessible for the first time with a commercial outdoor recreation offer. Even then, the Foxtrail concept was: there are no trail copies; each trail builds on entirely new ideas and experiences.

The recreational activity “scavenger hunt” is getting more popular.

For the first time, more than 1,000 participants play a Foxtrail within one year.

The leisure and game idea Foxtrail is born. On the occasion of a family visit, a mixture of outdoor experience, scavenger hunt and puzzle fun in the form of a route tracing is designed at Lake Thun. From then on, the enthusiastic participants wanted to offer the experience to the public.