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Discover over 70 trails throughout Switzerland!

Foxtrail with friends

Had enough of drinking coffee together? Foxtrail is the ideal activity to spend time together that you won’t soon forget and will even deepen your friendship. Why?

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Foxtrail creates shared memories

The shared experience creates memories that people like to share and that stay with them for a long time. This will give you valuable time together and deepen your friendship.


Foxtrail is all about fun, enjoyment and exciting moments

Entertaining and surprising experiences as well as the joy of movement are at the forefront of Foxtrail. Our trails also offer a unique opportunity to discover new places and explore hidden treasures. You’ll be amazed at where Fredy Fox will take you!

Master challenges together with Foxtrail

Overcoming challenges and solving tricky puzzles conveys a sense of shared success. This strengthens your team spirit and brings you even closer together.


Foxtrail brings a change to everyday life

Foxtrail offers you the opportunity to make your day with your friends extra special and provide new topics of conversation. And don’t worry – you’ll still have plenty of time to chat during and after the event…


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