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Foxtrail for clubs

A Foxtrail requires cooperation and offers every club member the opportunity to get involved – the perfect idea for an entertaining event with unexpected twists and turns.

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Foxtrail promotes team building

A Foxtrail promotes cooperation between the members of the association and offers the opportunity to work together in a different way and make new contacts.

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Foxtrail brings people together

A Foxtrail creates shared experiences and memories and thus strengthens the sense of community among the members in the long term.

Foxtrail promotes cohesion

By taking part in a Foxtrail, club members can get to know each other even better and possibly even make new connections within the club. Such an activity improves communication and understanding among the employees.

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Community activity outside of everyday club life

By organizing a Foxtrail, you have the opportunity to break up your everyday club life and experience something new and exciting together.

New inspiration through Foxtrail

Breaking out of the normal grid unleashes creativity and inspiration. This can lead to exciting new approaches and concepts that will take the association forward.

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Foxtrail conveys appreciation and motivation

An excursion with Foxtrail can increase members’ appreciation of the association and motivate them to remain active and committed.

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Plan and book yourself!
  • Uncomplicated and fast online to
    Book 24 persons
  • Prices depending on trail category
  • Convenient online payment with VISA, Mastercard or TWINT
  • Organize groups yourself
  • Print out documents yourself
  • Choose from over 60 Foxtrails throughout Switzerland


All-round carefree package
  • Product & event consulting by Foxtrail event team
  • Trail modifications: Shortened routes (1.5 - 2.5 hours), special routes or individual start interval
  • Team allocation and booking of start times by Foxtrail
  • Assign your own team names
  • Payment on account
  • Fair organization fee