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Foxtrail as a hen party

A hen party should not only be fun, but also unforgettable. Our puzzle tours offer the perfect mix of fun and entertainment. Foxtrail is the most original and entertaining way to prepare for the big day and experience something very special together with friends.

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Foxtrail connects

Friends from different circles are often thrown together on a wedding night. To really get the event going, a Foxtrail is the perfect supporting program: The group dynamic develops by solving the puzzles and searching for the next clues, and a special bond forms between the participants that lasts until the wedding reception – turning the big day into a glittering celebration!

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Foxtrail offers something for everyone

Whether it’s excitement, fun or “Schnörrele”; Foxtrail offers the most entertaining way to lighten the mood in the group and ensure that the stag party is unforgettable for everyone.

Foxtrail creates memories

Foxtrail not only provides a unique activity, but also creates memories for eternity. The shared experiences during the bachelorette party become stories that will be told with a smile on your face for years to come.


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