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Discover the secrets of Ballenberg: 6 fun facts you didn’t know yet!

Welcome to a very special adventure in Ballenberg, the centrepiece of Swiss culture and history. In this blog post, we take you on an unrivalled journey of discovery that goes far beyond the beaten track. Imagine being able to explore the historic Ballenberg Open-Air Museum in a way that challenges both your body and your mind. With Foxtrail, an exciting scavenger hunt, you will be guided in teams through the fascinating world of Ballenberg, solving puzzles, deciphering clues and discovering hidden treasures. This experience combines adventure, culture and fun in one and offers a perfect way to experience Ballenberg in an interactive and engaging way.

Foxtrail Ballenberg Bern Freunde

Fun facts about Ballenberg you didn’t know!

Fun fact 1: Ballenberg Open-Air Museum

The B allenberg Open-Air Museum is a living museum that extends over 66 hectares. It offers insights into rural life in Switzerland centuries ago. With over 100 original buildings that have been moved here from various regions of Switzerland, you can see how people in Switzerland used to live, work and spend their leisure time.

Fun fact 2: The diversity of Swiss building culture

The diversity of Swiss building culture in Ballenberg is impressive. The museum displays farmhouses, stables, barns, mills and craft workshops from different cantons and eras. This architecture reflects the different climatic, geographical and social conditions in Switzerland.

Fun fact 3: Old craftsmanship

Old crafts are not only exhibited at the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, they are kept alive. Visitors can watch craftsmen practising traditional techniques such as blacksmithing, weaving, bread baking or cheese making and sometimes even try their hand at it themselves.

Fun fact 4: Animal world at Ballenberg

The animal world at B allenberg is unique and represents the historical diversity of Swiss farm animals. Many of the animals you see in the museum are rare and endangered breeds that were once widespread in Switzerland.

Fun fact 5: Seasonal events

Seasonal events at Ballenberg provide a constantly changing programme. From traditional festivals and craft courses to special theme days, visitors can experience Swiss culture in all its diversity and authenticity.

Fun-Fact 6: Educational programmes

Educationalprogrammes offer schools and families the opportunity to immerse themselves in the past. Through interactive guided tours and workshops, children and adults learn what life was like without modern technology and how our ancestors dealt with their environment and resources.

About Ballenberg


Ballenberg is not actually a town, but rather known for the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, one of the most remarkable open-air museums in Switzerland, located near Brienz in the canton of Bern. The museum covers an area of 66 hectares in a picturesque landscape and offers a comprehensive insight into the traditional way of life in Switzerland.

The region around Ballenberg is rich in natural beauty and, in addition to the museum, offers numerous opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and, in winter, skiing in the nearby Alps. The proximity to Lake Brienz and the idyllic landscape make the area a popular excursion destination for locals and tourists alike.

The museum itself was opened in 1978 and attracts over 250,000 visitors a year. It serves as a living archive of Swiss building culture and way of life, with a particular focus on the preservation of traditional crafts, farm architecture and the cultural landscape. Through the presentation of historical buildings from all parts of Switzerland, which are authentically furnished, Ballenberg provides a deep insight into the country’s diverse cultural past.

Visitors have the unique opportunity to travel back in time and experience the heritage of Switzerland’s ancestors at first hand. In addition to the historic buildings, the site is also home to a variety of farm and domestic animal breeds that are important to Swiss agriculture and offers an extensive educational programme for all age groups.

Ballenberg is more than just a museum; it is a place where the past comes alive and visitors have the opportunity to explore the connection between modern Switzerland and its traditional roots.

Bonus tip: Discover Ballenberg with Foxtrail

Foxtrail Ballenberg Bern Freizeitaktivitaet

Foxtrail is an exciting and interactive scavenger hunt that offers a new way to discover Ballenberg and its historical attractions. Participants are guided through the open-air museum in teams, solving tricky puzzles and deciphering clues that lead them to the next stops on their journey of discovery. This adventure is designed not only to encourage exploration of the extensive museum grounds, but also to promote team spirit and analytical thinking.

How does the Foxtrail in Ballenberg work?

Starting point: Each Foxtrail starts at a specific location where the teams receive their documents and the first clues. This is the start of their exciting journey through Ballenberg.

Solve puzzles: Participants tackle various puzzles that lead them to hidden messages, unusual places and the most impressive exhibits in Ballenberg. The puzzles are specially designed to encourage participants to observe the surroundings closely and to engage with the rural culture and history that Ballenberg represents.

Team experience: Foxtrail can be undertaken as a family outing, with friends or as a team-building event, with the collaborative experience taking centre stage. The tasks require effective communication and teamwork, which makes the experience particularly social and bonding.

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Foxtrail Ballenberg

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By taking part in a Foxtrail in Ballenberg, visitors get the chance to explore the museum in a playful way. They not only come across well-known exhibits, but also hidden treasures and special places off the beaten track. At the same time, they gain valuable knowledge about Ballenberg and its historical significance, making the experience both educational and enjoyable. Foxtrail thus offers the ideal mix of adventure, culture and fun, perfect for anyone who wants to get to know Ballenberg in a unique and interactive way.


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