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Foxtrail with the club

Foxtrail offers more than just a simple scavenger hunt. It is an interactive experience that challenges participants to solve tricky puzzles in order to find the next clue and ultimately reach the destination. Our puzzles not only require critical thinking and problem-solving skills, but also encourage teamwork and co-operation within the club.

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The Foxtrail experience allows participants to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of scavenger hunts while discovering the beauty and diversity of the Swiss landscape. Every step on our trails holds new challenges and adventures to be mastered, and every clue leads the team closer to the goal.

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Teamwork and team building at Foxtrail

During the game, the members of the club must work together to solve the puzzles and overcome the challenges they encounter on the trail. This not only promotes cohesion within the team, but also strengthens team spirit and improves communication between members. Everyone plays their part in achieving the common goal and learns to trust in the strengths and abilities of others.

Teamwork is the key to success at Foxtrail. By working together and sharing ideas, participants can overcome obstacles and solve challenging puzzles together. This not only strengthens the bond between team members, but also encourages the development of important skills such as creativity, problem solving and strategic thinking.

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Foxtrail: more than just a game

Foxtrail offers not just a simple scavenger hunt, but an in-depth experience that takes participants on a journey of discovery through Switzerland. Each clue leads to new places, often including sights that participants might never have visited otherwise. From picturesque landscapes to historical sites, Foxtrail allows participants to experience the beauty and diversity of Switzerland in a unique and engaging way.

This experience goes far beyond a simple game and creates memories that will last a lifetime. The opportunity to discover special places and experience adventures together creates an unforgettable bond between participants and enriches them with new experiences and impressions.

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Foxtrail: fun for every member of the club

Whether young or old, experienced or new to the club, Foxtrail offers fun and challenges for all participants. The variety of puzzles and challenges ensures that everyone gets their money’s worth and can participate equally in the game. From tricky brainteasers to physical challenges, Foxtrail offers a wide range of activities to excite every participant.

The opportunity to solve puzzles and overcome challenges together promotes team cohesion and strengthens the bond between the members. Everyone plays their part and experiences success together, which strengthens the sense of belonging and team spirit.

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Foxtrail: an opportunity for cohesion

Playing Foxtrail offers the club the opportunity to experience something together and create memories that will last long after the game is over. By overcoming challenges and celebrating successes together, members strengthen their bond with each other and feel part of a strong team. This shared experience can help to strengthen cohesion within the club and deepen the sense of belonging.

Foxtrail creates a unique environment where participants can support and motivate each other as they go on an adventure together. The sense of cohesion and solidarity created during the game can have a long-term impact on relationships within the club, creating a strong community of members who support and inspire each other.

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Examples of clubs and age groups that can benefit from Foxtrail:

  • Sports club: A football team can use Foxtrail as a team building activity to strengthen teamwork off the pitch and bring players closer together. By solving puzzles and following clues together, they improve their teamwork and strengthen their bond.
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  • Music club: An orchestra or band can use Foxtrail as an alternative team building activity to encourage collaboration between members and increase creativity. On certain trails, such as Apollon in Lucerne, they can listen to melodies and find harmonies together while enjoying the breathtaking Swiss landscape.
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  • Seniors’club: Seniors’ clubs can also benefit from Foxtrail, as the game is both mentally and physically challenging and provides an opportunity to explore Switzerland in a new and exciting way. By solving puzzles together and discovering new places, members strengthen their mental skills and stay active.
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  • Children and youth groups: Children from around 10 – 12 years old and teenagers can use Foxtrail as a fun activity to improve their problem-solving skills while enjoying nature and getting some exercise. Whilst out on the trail together, they develop team spirit and learn to overcome challenges as a group.
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Overall, Foxtrail is an ideal choice for clubs of (almost) any age and background looking for a fun and exciting activity that promotes teamwork and strengthens cohesion within the team.

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So why not plan your next club outing with Foxtrail and experience an unforgettable adventure?

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Foxtrail with the club

Foxtrail offers more than just a simple scavenger hunt. It is an interactive experience that challenges participants to solve tricky puzzles in order to find

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