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Kreuzlingen: More than just a town on Lake Constance! 8 fun facts that will amaze you

Did you know that Kreuzlingen has the largest fireworks display on Lake Constance?

In this blog post, you’ll discover 8 exciting fun facts about Kreuzlingen that you probably didn’t know yet.

Find out why Kreuzlingen has a special relationship with Constance and why the warm summer nights in the town are interesting for culture fans.

Look forward to an exciting journey through Kreuzlingen and discover the countless possibilities this city has to offer!

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Fun facts about Kreuzlingen that you didn’t know yet!

1st largest Swiss city on Lake Constance

With around 22,000 inhabitants, Kreuzlingen is the second-largest town in the canton and the largest Swiss town on Lake Constance.

2. from Crucelin to Kreuzlingen

The name Kreuzlingen is derived from the Augustinian monastery “crucelin”, which Bishop Ulrich I of Constance founded in 1125 at the gates of the episcopal city.

3 Seeburg Castle

Seeburg Castle is located in Kreuzlingen within a park on the Swiss shore of Lake Constance.

4. three villages

The town of Kreuzlingen has its roots in three villages that grew up at the foot of the lake ridge around the cuttings of Bachtobeln.

5 Relationship with Constance

The relationship with the town of Con stance and the exchange of goods, labour and services across the border have always been of great importance for the history of Kreuzlingen. The shops in Constance catered for customers from the Swiss villages. They bought tools, household goods, clothes and shoes in Constance, while the people of Constance bought bread, flour, pasta, sugar, coffee and cigars cheaply in Kreuzlingen.

6 The Seeburgpark

Kreuzlingen has a particularly beautiful park, the Seeburgpark. The park is open to the public and is located directly on the shores of Lake Constance.

7. for those interested in culture

Kreuzlingen also has a lot to offer those interested in culture. The See-Burgtheater fills the balmy summer nights in the Seeburgpark with its exciting open-air productions .

8. the largest fireworks display on Lake Constance

Every year in mid-August, the “fantastical” lake night festival transforms the harbour area into a huge party zone . The highlight – the largest fireworks display on Lake Constance – transforms this night into one of the most beautiful of the summer.

About Kreuzlingen

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Kreuzlingen is a town with around 23,000 inhabitants in the district of Kreuzlingen in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.


Kreuzlingen is located on Lake Constance, on the border with Germany.

History of the town

The name comes from the Augustinian canon monastery “crucelin”. It was founded in 1125 by Bishop Ulrich I von Kyburg-Dillingen of Constance and originally stood one kilometre north-west of the current location. During the Swabian War and during the Thirty Years’ War after the siege of Constance by the Swedes, the Augustinian canons’ monastery was burnt down by the people of Constance because they accused the monastery of being a base for the enemy. In 1650, the monastery was rebuilt on its present site.


Kreuzlingen is an important business centre in the canton of Thurgau. The town is home to numerous companies from the industrial, commercial and service sectors.


Kreuzlingen has a large number of educational institutions, including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and a vocational school.

Culture and leisure

Kreuzlingen offers a wide range of cultural and leisure activities. The town has a museum, a theatre, a cinema, several libraries and a sports centre.

Places of interest

The most important sights in Kreuzlingen include

  • Seeburg Castle: Seeburg Castle is a late medieval castle located on the shores of Lake Constance.
  • The Old Town: The Old Town of Kreuzlingen is a picturesque ensemble of medieval alleyways and buildings.
  • Lake Con stance: Lake Constance is a popular excursion destination for tourists and locals alike.

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How does the Foxtrail in Kreuzlingen work?

Starting point: Each Foxtrail begins at a designated starting point where teams receive their documents and initial clues. This marks the start of their adventure through Kreuzlingen.

Solve puzzles: Participants have to solve various puzzles that lead them to hidden messages, unusual places and impressive sights in Kreuzlingen. The puzzles are designed to encourage participants to take a closer look at the surroundings and engage with the history and culture of the town.

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By taking part in a Foxtrail in Kreuzlingen, visitors have the opportunity to explore the city in a fun way. They not only discover the well-known sights, but also hidden corners and special places that are off the beaten track. At the same time, they learn interesting facts about Kreuzlingen and its history, making the experience both educational and entertaining. Foxtrail thus offers a perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun, ideal for anyone who wants to discover Kreuzlingen in a unique and interactive way.

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