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Trail recommendations for Easter

Just in time for Easter, our castle trails open their doors, ready to take you on a fascinating journey of discovery through the history of Aargau. With the spring flowers in full splendour and the joyful atmosphere of the festive season, these trails offer the perfect adventure for the whole family. Immerse yourself in the world of castles and experience the fascinating past of these historic sites.

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Foxtrail Wildegg Castle:

This trail is our top recommendation for an unforgettable Easter adventure! The castle gardens are an absolute highlight, especially in spring. Immerse yourself in the lower castle garden, which delights with an abundance of rare rose species and a diverse splendour of flowers!

Your adventure starts at the railway station kiosk. Follow the signs that lead you through the village and over a small embankment. Soon you will be climbing up the hill, where you will reach the beautiful castle gardens. However, you won’t have much time to enjoy the historic garden culture, as the castle now beckons with further puzzles. The trail leads you through corridors, cellars and the various living rooms. Admission to the castle is included in the ticket price.

The start and finish are around 20 minutes’ walk apart.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Schloss Wildegg

Foxtrail Hallwyl Castle

This trail takes you into the history of the pile dwellers on Lake Hallwyl. You come to the nature reserve on the shores of the lake, where you can admire the prehistoric buildings. The gravel paths along the Aabach take you towards the castle. But before you explore the moated castle, it’s off to the mill island. Cracked the riddle? Then the trail leads you further inside the castle, where you will learn about the legendary history of the Hallwyl family. Admission to the castle is included in the ticket price.

If you start after midday: make sure you are travelling quickly so that you still have enough time for the posts in the castle. The last posts close at 5 pm.

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Foxtrail Lenzburg Castle

This trail lets you discover Lenzburg Castle in a new way. You start from Hypiplatz through the alleyways of the small old town of Lenzburg. Then it’s up to the Schlossberg, where you walk along the nature and culture trail until you reach the castle entrance. The trail not only takes you through the picturesque castle garden, but also into the rooms of the museum. Admission to the castle is included in the ticket price.

The start and finish are around 20 minutes’ walk apart.

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Foxtrail Vindonissa

You start the trail with a short bus journey. You get off at the bus stop that bears the same name as the nearby river. Once there, you make your way through Windisch – where historical excitement awaits you on the old legionary trail. You will find the last part of the trail on the grounds of Königsfelden Abbey. The monastery church is currently being renovated and will remain closed until March 2025. Admission to the castle is included in the ticket price.

The Vindonissa Foxtrail is identical to the second part of the Vindonissa Maxi Foxtrail, apart from three posts at the beginning. The last posts close at 5 pm.

Caution: Please note that public transport timetables may vary on public holidays.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Vindonissa

Foxtrail Vindonissa

2-3 Hours | CHF 36.00
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Well, were we able to convince you with these unique trails? If you’re looking for mountain regions, lakes or Swiss cities instead of cultural explorations at Easter, then we’ve got just the thing for you!

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With over 70 trails in Switzerland, we offer a diverse selection of experiences. From the picturesque trails in Ticino and Lugano to the majestic trails in Valais and Graubünden and the charming routes in other regions – now is the perfect time to explore spring with us!

We wish you and your family and loved ones a Happy Easter!

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