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Trail recommendations in the Liechtenstein region

The fox has now also conquered Liechtenstein for his trails! From the gentle hills of the Rhine Valley to the majestic peaks of the Alps, Fredy the Fox has left his very own tracks for you in this small but enchanting country.

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Liechtenstein, known for its breathtaking scenery, rich culture and friendly people, is a truly enchanting place to visit. From the magnificent Alpine peaks to the lush vineyards, this small country offers a variety of activities for nature and culture lovers alike. Explore the historical treasures, experience the local traditions and enjoy the unspoilt nature Liechtenstein has to offer. Our current trail, Furisto, takes you through picturesque vineyards and charming old neighbourhoods. You stroll through narrow alleyways, cross beautiful bridges and follow the cleverly placed clues of Fredy the Fox.

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Foxtrail Furisto – Vaduz

Furisto starts with a short journey on the local bus. Once you reach your destination, the trail leads through an old residential neighbourhood surrounded by vineyards. An idyllic route for you back to the art-filled centre of Vaduz. After a short stretch along the stream, the trail leads past the cathedral and the government district to the final post, where the trail ends.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Furisto

Foxtrail Furisto

2-3 Hours | CHF 29.00
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Well, have we piqued your interest in Liechtenstein?

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If you’d rather experience a trail in Switzerland, we offer over 70 trails in different regions of the country. From the vibrant cities to the idyllic mountain regions and picturesque lakes – Foxtrail takes you to the most beautiful places in Switzerland, where adventure and discovery await you.

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