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Trail recommendations in the Ticino region

Ticino, the southernmost region of Switzerland, is known for its breathtaking scenery, Mediterranean flair and rich cultural diversity. Amidst this beauty lies Lugano, a picturesque city on the shores of Lake Lugano. Here, Italian ambience and Swiss precision merge to create a unique experience.

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Would you like to explore Lugano in a completely new way? Then Foxtrail is just the thing for you! Foxtrail offers a unique way to discover the region by combining adventure and mystery. Follow in the footsteps of Galileo, the Foxtrail in Lugano, and experience the city like never before.

Foxtrail Galileo – Lugano

Off you go to the lofty heights of Lugano: after a short walk through a residential neighbourhood and the Parco del Tassino, you reach the ‘Funicolare’, as the disused funicular railway is called. From there, take the stairs down to the lake and the church of Santa Maria degli Angioli. After the chase through the pretty alleyways of the old town, you pass Piazza Reforma and finish the trail near the railway station.

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Foxtrail Galileo

Foxtrail Galileo

2.5-3.5 Hours | CHF 32.00
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Are you ready to experience Lugano in a whole new way? Then grab your friends and family and dive into the adventure of Foxtrail!

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Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean atmosphere, excellent cuisine and vibrant city life during your visit to Lugano.

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If you would like to experience more trails, we have good news for you! Foxtrail offers over 70 trails in different regions of Switzerland. From vibrant cities to idyllic mountain landscapes and picturesque lakes – Foxtrail takes you to the most beautiful places in Switzerland, where adventure and discoveries await you.

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