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Trail recommendations in the Zurich region

Welcome to the enchanting surroundings of Zurich, a place lined with historical gems and unspoilt natural beauty. With its charming towns such as Rapperswil, Winterthur, Kloten and Illnau-Effretikon, this area is rich in natural wonders and cultural heritage. Here, between glistening lakes, lush forests and rolling hills, visitors can expect a variety of flora and fauna that will captivate hikers, nature lovers and history buffs alike.

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The area surrounding Zurich is not only historically significant but also rich in cultural treasures and offers a wealth of activities, from exploring medieval castles to relaxing strolls along the shores of Lake Zurich. In the midst of this breathtaking landscape, Foxtrail offers the ideal opportunity to discover the region in a completely new and fascinating way.

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Foxtrail Baccara – Rapperswil

Out and about in the rose town of Rapperswil – the beach trail takes you past the children’s zoo until you come across a dreamy island near the university. From there, it’s just as dreamy: you explore the cute old town of Rapperswil and climb the stairs until you reach the castle complex on the hill. Here, the lake lies at your feet in all its splendour. Afterwards, you’ll meet some forest animals at the deer park before heading down to the lakeside path for the finale.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Baccara

Foxtrail Baccara

3-4 Hours | CHF 36.00
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Foxtrail Elixira – Illnau-Effretikon

The trail takes you to idyllic Illnau-Effretikon – past green fields and cosy houses. You start at Effretikon railway station and are immediately confronted with an ancient secret. You find a love potion in an old well – but which one is it? To find the right source, you’ll need to use your instincts. Listen carefully, the song of the nightingale will show you the way to the miracle elixir. The highlight follows at Moosburg Castle before you finish the trail at Effretikon Reformed Church.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Elixira

Foxtrail Elixira

2.5-3.5 Hours | CHF 32.00
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Foxtrail Picasso – Kloten

At Picasso, you are right in the middle of the action surrounding a spectacular art heist. The trail starts at Zurich-Kloten Airport and leads to the futuristic building “THE CIRCLE”. The funicular railway takes you high up to the sky platform and through Butzenbüelpark. The route then takes you to the Balsberg radar station, where you have to hack into the airport’s radar system. But don’t waste too much time, the fences won’t wait! The trail leads you through the forest and along the rope park back to Kloten.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Picasso

Foxtrail Picasso

2-3 Hours | CHF 29.00
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Foxtrail Rosalie – Winterthur

Rosalie takes you from the railway station through the historic old town of Winterthur. Colourful facades, pretty alleyways and cosy courtyards await you there. The route continues through old, enchanted parks and long disused industrial areas, inviting you to travel back in time to the 19th century, when Winterthur was a flourishing industrial city.

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Our recommendation
Foxtrail Rosalie

Foxtrail Rosalie

3.5-4.5 Hours | CHF 32.00
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Well, have we convinced you of the fascination of the Zurich area? If so, let yourself be seduced by the magic of this landscape and immerse yourself in the beauty that this region has to offer. Why not book one of these exciting Foxtrails and discover the hidden treasures of the area? Experience the history, feel the nature and be enchanted by the rich cultural treasures of this region.

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And if the region is too far away for you or you are longing for alpine mountain landscapes or the flair of a larger Swiss city, don’t worry! On our website you will find over 70 trails throughout Switzerland that are waiting to be discovered by you. No matter where your thirst for discovery takes you, there’s a Foxtrail waiting to be explored!

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