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What makes Foxtrail unique?

Scavenger hunts and outdoor escape rooms have become a popular leisure activity for groups looking for a mix of excitement, adventure and teamwork. Numerous providers offer this exciting experience in the rich landscape of Switzerland. In this context, Foxtrail presents itself as the original, which has been operating successfully in the Swiss market for over two decades and has left its mark as the undisputed market leader. Our long history and continued success reflect the fact that we not only know what we are doing, but that we are constantly evolving to offer our customers an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.

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Why Foxtrail?

Foxtrail offers a unique blend of sightseeing, outdoor escape room and scavenger hunt. With over 70 individually designed trails in Switzerland, Foxtrail makes the most of the unique geographical features of each location.

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Foxtrail is therefore not just a scavenger hunt, but also an unforgettable experience that takes participants on a journey through the history and culture of Switzerland. Compared to other similar offers, Foxtrail offers a number of unique features that make Foxtrail an outstanding choice:

1. every Foxtrail is unique

Foxtrail offers a wide range of trails throughout Switzerland. Whether it’s exploring a picturesque landscape, visiting a town or immersing yourself in times gone by, each trail is unique with its own fascinating quirks and challenges.

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2. access to unique places

Foxtrail enables unique experiences in places that are otherwise difficult or impossible to access. Through partnerships with cultural institutions such as museums and castles, participants can explore familiar places in a completely new way. But that’s not all. We also offer exclusive access to special places such as bunkers or secret passages that can only be explored with Foxtrail. Places such as the Ehgraben in Zurich or the bunker in Rapperswil are only open to those who book the Foxtrail adventure. Even locals discover new facets of their city or region that were previously hidden from them.

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3. foxtrail promotes teamwork

Foxtrail is much more than just an exciting scavenger hunt. It is a unique leisure and group activity that brings teams closer together and promotes important skills such as communication, co-operation and conflict resolution. Our trails present participants with challenging puzzles and tasks that they can only overcome through co-operation and mutual support. Not only are important skills such as problem-solving, creativity and decision-making trained, but visual, spatial and logical thinking are also encouraged through play. Every participant is actively involved in the experience, as the puzzles are very diverse and allow everyone to contribute their individual skills. We also customise our trails according to the number of participants to ensure an optimal and collaborative experience.

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4. customised team events

Experience unforgettable team events and group activities on a grand scale with Foxtrail! At Foxtrail, we know how important it is that every detail is perfectly customised for your group.

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Our premium package offers you an all-round carefree experience that leaves nothing to be desired. With personalised product and event advice from our experienced Foxtrail team, we ensure that your event is a complete success. From shortened routes to customised start intervals – we adapt the trail exactly to your needs. You can sit back and relax, as payment is made conveniently on account. The premium package also includes game documents with your own logo, exclusive start accompaniment by our Foxtrail staff and the arrangement of catering offers so that your group is also spoilt with culinary delights. We even integrate your corporate values into the game to create a unique connection between your company and the Foxtrail.

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Whether you’re planning a big team-building event, a company outing or a birthday party – with Foxtrail you’ll experience unforgettable moments that will keep your group together for a long time to come.

5. customised starting documents

Our starting documents are customised for each of our trails and go far beyond mere instructions. They are an invitation to an adventure that often includes creative elements such as folding and crafting tasks.

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6. reliable online help

If you get stuck on a trail, you can access our online help at any time. There you will receive valuable tips or, if necessary, even the solution to an item or the correct route. At Foxtrail, we never leave any customer hanging alone.

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7. commitment and support for our customers

Commitment and support for our customers is our top priority. Thanks to our customer centre and our helpline, we are always there to answer your questions and offer you support. Our team of area managers and area technicians are on duty in all weathers. They repair posts, carry out maintenance work and work tirelessly to ensure that your Foxtrail experience runs smoothly. In addition, we regularly conduct surveys and gather suggestions for improvement directly from you to ensure that we can fulfil your expectations and continuously improve your experience.

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8 Sustainability and quality assurance

At Foxtrail, we not only emphasise fun and adventure, but also sustainability and quality. We are proud to announce that we have been classified as a participant in the Swisstainable sustainability programme with the “Committed” label. Swisstainable brings together companies and organisations in the Swiss tourism sector that are committed to sustainable development.

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Our workshops use a variety of materials and techniques to ensure that our trails are not only enjoyable but also environmentally friendly. Our posts are durable and resistant to the vagaries of weather and time. They are frequently maintained but rarely need replacing. This ensures that your Foxtrail experience is not only a unique adventure, but also sustainable and of the highest quality.

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As part of our sustainability efforts, we also plant a tree for every Google review in collaboration with the organisation “One Tree Planted”. This initiative, which was launched in September 2022, is a key part of our commitment to the environment. We encourage our customers to provide feedback, as this helps us to continuously improve our quality and optimise our processes. We make sure that our trails are weatherproof and use sustainable materials that rarely need to be replaced and are recyclable at the end of their life cycle.

9. physical posts with attention to detail

Foxtrail distinguishes itself through its physically installed posts, which are not just virtual, but designed with great attention to detail. This makes for an immersive experience and turns every trail into a unique adventure.

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10. unique post design

Our posts on a Foxtrail not only impress with their creative aesthetic design, but also offer a variety of interactive elements that enrich the experience and appeal to all the senses. Some stations involve the use of certain materials, such as fabrics, wood or even water, whether to solve puzzles or discover hidden clues. Others deal with mechanical elements or are computer-based and challenge participants to use their technical skills to crack codes or solve digital puzzles. Magnetism and electromagnetic phenomena also play a role when participants come across posts that invite them to experiment with magnetic elements or solve electromagnetic puzzles. In addition, musical puzzles may challenge participants to play a piano keyboard or decipher rhythmic clues. One of our trails even offers the opportunity to drive a real railway. Diverse elements like these make every Foxtrail an individual, exciting and unforgettable adventure.

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11. variety of partnerships

A key part of our success at Foxtrail lies in our wide-ranging partnerships. These partnerships allow us to constantly develop creative new items and strengthen our customer base. Through a variety of collaborations, including with companies such as Brändi, Nikin and Ovo, we not only receive logistical support and reciprocal marketing campaigns, but also design unique posts that enrich our trail experiences. Our transport partnerships, for example with SBB and VBZ, allow us to seamlessly integrate means of transport into our trails.

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Another notable example of our collaboration across Switzerland was the Instagram Advent calendar, which we organised with our partners and our sister company Explorial and gave away great prizes. We worked with a wide range of companies, including the Ballenberg Open-Air Museum, the Klewenalp, Lenzerheide and Wildhaus mountain railways, Lush, Nikin, Orell Füssli, the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company, the Schweizerhof Lenzerheide and the Swiss Museum of Transport.

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This broad range of partners underlines our ability to create unique and diverse experiences for our customers while strengthening our presence throughout Switzerland.

12. public transport included

Many Foxtrails include the use of public transport such as buses, trains, boats or cable cars where the trail requires it to enhance the experience and enable seamless travel. Special means of transport such as the Marzilibahn in Bern or the Rotsee ferry in Lucerne / Ebikon enhance the Foxtrailer experience and enable a multifaceted discovery of the surroundings.

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13. uncomplicated online payment

At Foxtrail, booking and payment is simple and straightforward via our website. With just a few clicks you can book your trail of choice and pay by Twint, VISA, Mastercard, PostFinance Card, PostFinance E-Finance or American Express. You’ll be ready to follow Fredy Fox’s trail in no time at all. Should you encounter any problems during the online process, our customer service team is always available by phone to help you.

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14 Foxtrail has an international presence

Foxtrail is a professional provider that is recognised throughout Switzerland and regularly carries out marketing campaigns and events with partners and is represented at trade fairs and company events throughout Switzerland. Foxtrail is also active internationally, with trails in Liechtenstein, Germany, Portugal, France, Italy, Finland and Canada. We offer a global adventure experience that attracts adventurers from all over the world.

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15th Unique personality: Fredy Fox

Fredy Fox is not only our mascot, but also our loyal friend and companion on our Foxtrail adventure. With his charm and cleverness, he guides you through the various regions and cities of Switzerland and keeps you on your toes.

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All in all, Foxtrail offers a unique combination of adventure, culture, teamwork and fun that sets us apart from other providers. With customised trails, exclusive partnerships and a wide range of experiences, Foxtrail is the ideal choice for groups looking for an unforgettable adventure.

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