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Frick: 8 fun facts you didn’t know yet!

Discover Frick, the largest municipality in Fricktal, with new eyes! In this blog post, we reveal eight exciting secrets that you definitely didn’t know yet.

Look forward to a journey through the history of Frick, peppered with entertaining anecdotes and unknown details. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these fun facts will expand your knowledge of Frick and enrich your next discovery tour through the town.

So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the world of Frick and be enchanted by our fun facts!

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Fun facts about Frick that you didn’t know yet!

1st iron ore region

The place name comes from the Latin ferraricia, which means “iron ore region”. Iron ore was mined in the area in Roman times.

2. five fairs

In1701, Emperor Leopold I granted Frick market rights. Even today, the five annual markets are still a popular meeting place on the main street, which is closed to traffic. The markets include the carnival market, the Whitsun market, the summer market, the St Martin’s market and the Christmas market.

3rd Vitamare

The Vitamare outdoor pool is a favourite meeting place for locals and visitors, especially during the warm summer months. It offers a variety of facilities, including swimming pools, water slides, sun loungers and cafés.

4th dinosaur museum

The Frick D inosaur Museum is the only museum in Switzerland to display a complete skeleton of the dinosaur Plateosaurus. This skeleton was found in a clay pit near Frick. In addition to the many other fossils, there is also a film about the exciting story of the discovery of the Frick dinosaurs.

5th tapping site Gruhalde

The plateosaur bones from the dinosaur museum in Frick were found at the Gruhalde tapping site. The site is open to the public and is very popular with amateur archaeologists looking for other fossils.

6th dinosaur in the roundabout

Since the discovery of the first dinosaur bone in 1961, the historic market town of Frick has been enriched by a new attraction. A dinosaur created by Daniel Schwarz, an iron sculptor, now stands in the round about on the main road near the motorway junction and is a reminder of the long-extinct animals, while at the same time promoting the dinosaur museum in Frick.

7th Chriesiwäg

The Chriesiwägin Gipf-Oberfrick leads through the beautiful, cherry-rich landscape of the Fricktal and provides interesting facts about cherry growing.

8. from the lime leaf to the fox

Since 1803, when the Fricktal joined the canton of Aargau, the municipality of Frick has had its own seal and coat of arms, which featured a green lime leaf on a silver background. For over a century, the lime leaf was the symbolic emblem of the municipality, appearing on the seals and flags of village associations until 1931. Since this time, however, the municipality has had a red fox on its seal and coat of arms.

About Frick

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Frick is a municipality in the Swiss canton of Aargau. It belongs to the district of Laufenburg, is its most populous municipality and the regional centre of the upper Fricktal.


The village lies in the Sissle valley, which widens into a broad and shallow basin at this point. The municipal area begins in the east where the Staffeleggbach flows into the Sissle. To the south-west lies the valley of the Bruggbach, which flows into the Sissle in the centre of Frick.


On 31 December 2022, 5718 people lived in Frick, with 26.8 % foreigners. 37.9 % described themselves as Roman Catholic and 18.6 % as Reformed in the 2015 census; 43.5 % were non-denominational or belonged to other faiths.


Frick is an important business centre in Fricktal. There are many commercial and industrial companies in the municipality.


Frick is connected to public transport by the S12 suburban railway line (Brugg – Frick – Laufenburg). The municipality also has a motorway connection to the A3 (Basel – Zurich).

Places of interest

  • Dinosaur museum
  • Knocking Square
  • Fricktaler Museum


  • Carnival market
  • Whitsun market
  • Summer market
  • St Martin’s Market
  • Christmas Market

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