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Lausanne: 14 fun facts you definitely didn’t know yet!

Did you know that Lausanne has more to offer than just being the Olympic capital? Hidden treasures and exciting stories are waiting to be discovered in this charming city on Lake Geneva.

Lausanne is more than just a city – it’s an experience! In this blog post, you’ll discover 14 fun facts that you probably didn’t know yet.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your spirit of adventure and let Lausanne enchant you!

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Fun facts about Lausanne that you didn’t know yet!

1. the city of three hills

Lausanne is built on three hills: Old Town, Bourg and Saint-Laurent.

2nd Olympic capital

Lausanne is the home of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and thus the “Olympic Capital”. The Olympic Museum is also located in Lausanne.

3. unique metro

Lausanne has the only metro in Switzerland. As the link between Ouchy-Olympique and Croisettes, the M2 makes life easier for residents and tourists in Lausanne as it allows them to get around the entire city in the shortest possible time.

4. for over 8,000 years

Thefirst traces of settlement in the Lausanne region date backto 6000 BC. At the time of the Gauls and Romans, the place bore the Celtic name Lousonna.

5th Eurovision Song Contest

The Eurovision Song Contest was held in Lausanne in 1989. The Yugoslavian group Riva won with the song Rock Me.

6th Diamond League

Lausanne is the venue for the Diamond League, an annual athletics event that attracts top athletes from all over the world. It is an exciting spectacle for sports enthusiasts.


Lausanne is home to the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), one of the world’s leading business schools. IMD offers executive education programmes and is renowned for its expertise in leadership development.

8th JazzOnze+ Festival

In its more than 30 years of existence, the JazzOnze+ Festival Lausanne has earned its place among the best jazz festivals in Switzerland and Europe.

9 The Sauvabelin Tower

The Sauvabelin Tower is a wooden tower in Sauvabelin Park that offers a panoramic view of Lausanne and the surrounding area. It is a favourite place for picnics and relaxation.

10 The Béjart Ballet

The Béjart Ballet Lausanne is an internationally recognised ballet company founded by the famous choreographer Maurice Béjart. It enchants audiences with its artistic excellence and emotional performances.

11th Montbenon-Esplanade

On this former armoury in the city centre, just a few steps from St-François, the Montbenon esplanade offers a breathtaking view of the city of Lausanne and the lake over a flat stretch of more than 500 metres.

12. the Olympic Park fountain

With a breathtaking water jet height of 140 metres, the Olympic Park Fountain is a fascinating spectacle of art and technology.

13th Escaliers du Marché

The covered Escaliers du Marché, which leads from the Place de la Palud to the cathedral, is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque spots in the city centre. This staircase already existed in the 13th century and served as a link between the two markets of the medieval city. Residential buildings from the 16th century stand along the staircase.

14th Papet Vaudois

Papet Vaudiois is a traditional dish from Lausanne cuisine. A mixture of potatoes, leek and cabbage sausage.

About Lausanne

Foxtrail Alti Lausanne Rotillon Alti

Lausanne is a charming city on Lake Geneva in western Switzerland. With around 143,000 inhabitants, it is the second largest city in French-speaking Switzerland after Geneva and the capital of the canton of Vaud.

Location and surrounding area:

Lausanne is located on the northern shore of Lake Geneva, in the middle of a picturesque landscape. The city is surrounded by rolling hills and vineyards that are ideal for hiking and cycling. Lake Geneva also offers many opportunities for water sports and boat trips.


Over the course of history, the town developed into an important trading centre and became a popular tourist destination in the 19th century.

Places of interest:

In addition to Notre-Dame de Lausanne Cathedral, there are many other sights in Lausanne, including:

  • Ouchy Castle: Ouchy Castle on the lakeshore is now home to a museum and congress centre.
  • The Olympic Museum: The Olympic Museum shows the history of the Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee.
  • The Fondation de l’Hermitage: The Fondation de l’Hermitage is a museum with a collection of paintings and sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries.
  • The Sauvabelin Tower: The Sauvabelin Tower is a 35-metre-high observation tower that offers a panoramic view of the city and Lake Geneva.


Various events take place in Lausanne throughout the year, including:

  • The Festival de la Cit é: The Festival de la Cité is a street art festival that takes place in July.
  • The JassOnze+ Festival: The festival allows Lausanne to bring the best jazz artists in the world to the city.
  • Christmas market: The Christmas market in Lausanne is one of the most beautiful in Switzerland.

Lausanne is a city with a lot of charm and history. The city offers its visitors a variety of sights, activities and events.

Bonus tip: Discover Lausanne with Foxtrail

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Foxtrail is a unique and interactive scavenger hunt that offers visitors an innovative way to discover Lausanne and its sights. In this adventure, participants are guided through the city in teams, solving puzzles and deciphering clues to find the next location on their way. This experience is designed to not only encourage physical movement through the city, but also to challenge teamwork and logical thinking.

How does Foxtrail in Lausanne work?

Starting point: Each Foxtrail begins at a designated starting point where teams receive their documents and initial clues. This marks the beginning of their adventure through Lausanne.

Solve puzzles: Participants have to solve various puzzles that lead them to hidden messages, unusual places and impressive sights in Lausanne. The puzzles are designed to encourage participants to look closely at their surroundings and to engage with the city’s history and culture.

Team experience: Although Foxtrail can be experienced with family, friends or as a team-building activity with colleagues, the focus is on the shared experience. The tasks require communication and co-operation, which makes the whole experience a social one.

By taking part in a Foxtrail in Lausanne, visitors get the opportunity to explore the city in a fun way. They discover not only the well-known sights, but also hidden corners and special places that are off the beaten track. At the same time, they learn interesting facts about Lausanne and its history, making the experience both educational and entertaining. Foxtrail thus offers a perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun, ideal for anyone who wants to discover Lausanne in a unique and interactive way.

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