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Saas-Fee: 11 fun facts that will awaken your thirst for adventure!

Discover the magical world of Saas-Fee, where 18 four-thousand-metre peaks tower majestically into the sky. An unrivalled atmosphere awaits you in this car-free village, the “Pearl of the Alps”. Embark on a journey back in time through mystical legends and traditional crafts.

Did you already know? Saas-Fee is located below the largest mountain in Switzerland! Enjoy breathtaking views and explore the longest glacier in the Alps.

Be surprised by 11 fun facts you didn’t know about Saas-Fee! Immerse yourself in the fascination of this Swiss Alpine world and experience unforgettable moments.

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Fun facts about Saas-Fee that you didn’t know yet!

1st Last Christmas

Saas-Fee can be seen in the music video for Last Christmas by Wham.

2. five times more guest beds than inhabitants

With over 7,100 guest beds, Saas-Fee now has around five times as many beds for visitors from outside as residents. Nevertheless, it has succeeded in maintaining the harmony of an attractive mountain village through architecture that is rooted in tradition.

3. first ski resort in Switzerland

The first person to use skis in Switzerland did so in Saas-Fee in 1849: the priest Johan Josef Imseng. He travelled from Saas Fee to Saas Grund on wooden skis he had built himself.

4th Abundsitza

In the 19th century, there was an evening parlour in every hamlet during the winter months, where the inhabitants gathered after the day’s work to play cards, tell stories and smoke or snuff. The whole thing was known as the “Abundsitza” (evening parlour).

5. car-free

The tourist resort of Saas-Fee has been car-free since 1951. Guests and locals must park their vehicles in front of the village entrance and make their way into the village on foot or by electric vehicle.

6th First ski club in Upper Valais

The “Allalin” ski club was founded in Saas-Fee on 12 February 1908 in the presence of 16 skiers. This was the first ski club in the Upper Valais

7th Celts in Saas-Fee

It is believed that the Celts were the first to settle in the region after being driven from their homelands by the Roman invasion army.

8th Mountain Clean Up Day

Together with its sustainability partner NIKIN, the Saas-Fee holiday region has been organising a Mountain Clean Up Day since 2023, on which schoolchildren, locals and holiday guests clear the meadows and forests of litter.

9. below the highest mountain in Switzerland

Saas-Fee lies below the highest mountain in Switzerland. The Dom is 4,545 metres above sea level. It is the highest mountain within the Swiss border and the third highest in the Alps.

10th Pearl of the Alps

Saas-Fee bears the well-deserved nickname “Pearl of the Alps”. Nestling in the midst of 18 four-thousand-metre peaks, including the aforementioned Dom, Saas-Fee offers a breathtaking backdrop that is second to none.

11th SaasFeestival

The SaasFestival has been taking place since summer 2022 and offers five concert moments at three different locations in the Saas Valley. Admission to the concerts is free, in keeping with the concept of an open festival accessible to all.

About Saas-Fee

Foxtrail Allalin Maxi Saas Fee Wallis Landschaft 2

Saas-Fee is a picturesque municipality in the Swiss canton of Valais, situated at an altitude of 1,800 metres. Surrounded by 18 four-thousand metre peaks, including the Dom, the highest mountain in Switzerland, Saas-Fee offers a unique backdrop.

Facts and figures:

  • Population: around 1,600
  • Altitude: 1800 metres above sea level
  • Area: 40.49 km2
  • Canton: Valais
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Swiss franc (CHF)
  • Arrival: Possible by car, train or bus
  • Accommodation: Hotels, chalets, flats
  • Activities: Hiking, mountaineering, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, wellness

Places of interest:

  • Mischabel mountain range: with 13 four-thousand-metre peaks, including the Dom
  • Fee Glacier : a glacier split in two above Saas-Fee
  • Allalin ice grotto: a 5,500 m³ ice grotto in Saas-Fee
  • Hohsaas: vantage point with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains
  • Saas-Fee village: car-free village with traditional architecture
  • Ladder trail: spectacular via ferrata with breathtaking views


  • Snow’n’Sound Festival: music festival in January with international artists
  • Allalin Race: A race for everyone, which will take place for the 42nd time in April 2024
  • SaasFestival : music festival in the Saas Valley since summer 2022

Saas-Fee is an ideal destination for nature lovers, active holidaymakers and connoisseurs. The breathtaking scenery, the wide range of leisure activities and the warm hospitality make Saas-Fee an unforgettable experience.

Bonus tip: Discover Saas-Fee with Foxtrail

Foxtrail Allalin Maxi Saas Fee Wallis Freunde

Foxtrail is a unique and interactive scavenger hunt that offers visitors an innovative way to discover Saas-Fee and its sights. In this adventure, participants are guided through the town in teams, solving puzzles and deciphering clues to find the next location on their way. This experience is designed to not only encourage physical movement through the town, but also to challenge teamwork and logical thinking.

How does the Foxtrail in Saas-Fee work?

Starting point: Each Foxtrail begins at a designated starting point, where teams receive their documents and initial clues. This marks the start of their adventure through Saas-Fee.

Solve puzzles: Participants have to solve various puzzles that lead them to hidden messages, unusual places and impressive sights in Saas-Fee. The puzzles are designed to encourage participants to take a closer look at the surroundings and engage with the history and culture of the town.

Team experience: Although Foxtrail can be experienced with family, friends or as a team-building activity with colleagues, the focus is on the shared experience. The tasks require communication and co-operation, which makes the whole thing a social experience.

By taking part in a Foxtrail in Saas-Fee, visitors get the opportunity to explore the town in a fun way. They not only discover the well-known sights, but also hidden corners and special places that are off the beaten track. At the same time, they learn interesting facts about Saas-Fee and its history, making the experience both educational and entertaining. Foxtrail thus offers a perfect combination of adventure, culture and fun, ideal for anyone who wants to discover Saas-Fee in a unique and interactive way.

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